Moon Drops Stay Away Bug Spray with Aloe Vera

  • $9.00

Naturally repels pesky bugs so they don't bite you!  Made with 100% pure essential oils. Smells nice to people, but not to bugs.  Contains Aloe Vera - Good for your skin.

Safe to use on children - spray on a bandana or collar and put on your pet.  Shake well prior to use, avoid spraying in face or near eyes.


Citronella Free Formula:  Mosquitoes hate citronella, and it is very effective.  However, if you can't stand the smell either - then citronella won't work for you.  In the citronella free formula, extra rosemary is added for effective mosquito control. 

Ingredients:  Witch Hazel (good for your skin),  Aloe Vera Extract (soothes irritated skin - also repels bugs), 100% pure Essential Oils of Citronella, Rosemary, Lemongrass, Lavender, & Cedarwood.

 8 oz. bottle